Nearly everyone experiences homesickness at some stage, and some people find it harder than others. There are ways to help deal with it though.


Significant events at home can be a trigger:

When there is a big match or occasion at home that I would love to attend! Sometimes I'd love to just pop home for a cup of tea and chat with my mam and dad. Getting lost when driving or not knowing where I am going is frustrating and brings on homesickness!

Big events…birthdays, engagement parties, anniversary.

My father being ill and big life events like birthdays and weddings that I’m missing back home.

Events happening at home that I miss out on. Family occasions, St. Patricks day, gaa games. But also when something is getting you, down whether at work, relationships etc. Long to just go home for a bit.

Seeing my child do something new like crawl or walk and knowing her grandparents in Ireland are missing out on seeing all of that. Seeing rugby and hurling games on tv and missing being at them with my Dad.

My mum passed away suddenly 2 years ago and it kills me that I wasn't there for her. I have missed out so much.

Sometimes getting in touch with family or friends can bring on homesickness:

Whats Apps between various family members that I can see on our family whats app group. I feel left out and like i have lost my place within the family. I also feel guilty.

Seeing family on Skype.

It can be something simple as a reference on a radio or friends I haven't seen. Homesickness is a persistent thought and it becomes a part of you when you emigrate and something you have to live with when away.

Friends and family on social network sites.

Calling home.

After talking to family on Skype or if I have nothing on at the weekends I start to think about it. The worst homesickness I've had is when family have left after visiting me here - that through me off for a few weeks and had me doubting whether I was making the right decision being here.

Seeing my younger brother and sister on Skype. They grow bigger each time and I’m missing this

Being along or lonely can trigger homesickness too:

Being on my own, thinking about the good times back home.

Loneliness, big moments you can’t share right away with home.

Not going back to Ireland for long periods of time, being alone for long periods of time.

Coping Mechanisms

Contact with Friends and Family

Lots of people find keeping in touch with people at home is the best way to cope.

I keep up regular contact with my friends and family at home. I follow Irish media to keep up to date with affairs in Ireland and I visit home regularly.

Skype into family occasions. Plan for Christmas so I wasn't alone.

Talk to people at home, surround myself with good friends here.

I keep in touch with people through skype or WhatsApp which is much more personal than an email or facebook. I try to plan ahead and make it home for the things that really matter to me.

Reach out to friends. Talk to people at home to prevent it but if it's too late to prevent it and I already feel homesick I feel ringing home only makes it worse.

Friends become your family when you are away so it's important to have strong solid connections.

Some people find pictures and posts on Facebook of what’s going on at home can sometimes be tough.

Delete Facebook, Download Whats App and create group chats with close friends at home, Skype/call family once a week.

I keep in touch with people through skype or WhatsApp which is much more personal than an email or facebook. I try to plan ahead and make it home for the things that really matter to me.

I don't spend to much time on facebook as that can be hard, seeing all photo's of everyone having good times.

Personal Processes

Trying to think positively and remembering the reasons why you left and the new opportunities you’re are getting is something that can help.

It will always pass, you have to be patient.

I feel it, accept it and move on.

Ride it out; remind myself I can always visit or go back and think about how good my life and job here are.

Acknowledge it and allow myself to feel sad for a little while then get on with things.

Reminisce, talk to friends and partner about it, reflect on my feelings and have a good cry otherwise it just gets too much and translates as irritation in general day to day.

Just remind myself why I left and get on with it.

You can't prevent it. I try to remember why I left and why I'm still here and that gives me focus.

Think of the positives about being away.

Focus on the positives of being in Australia and count my blessings.

Remembering how tough things were when I was in Ireland.

I remember how I felt at home without a job.

Keeping Busy

Keeping busy is a good way to distract yourself if you’re feeling homesick.

Keep occupied.

Just try to keep busy,it usually passes.

Keep busy, distract myself with work.

Keep busy, travel at weekends, join clubs and socialise as much as possible.

Other Coping Mechanisms

There are lots of things you can do to help cope with the big changes.

I call people at home. I listen to RTE or Today FM radio apps. I watch The Late Late Show on the RTE Player.

Exercise always helps and avoiding Irish premises i.e. The local pub, speaking to my fiancé again helps.

Think about the opportunities I have here, plan holidays and our future plans to move home and call my friends and family.