Most Positive Experience

So what have been the most positive experiences people have when they first emigrate?


New relationships were one of the biggest things:

Meeting so many people that are very friendly - all the expats out in Singapore really bond together and are very welcoming to newcomers.

The Canadian people have been very helpful and friendly.

The great group of friends that I've made.

Meeting friends for life and a nice man from the UK who will hopefully be my husband someday.

Making new friends from far and wide. Opening up my 'small island' mind, realizing that Ireland isn't the centre of the universe.

Got married here becoming resident and soon becoming citizen!

Friends and experiences along with meeting my Australian husband and having a baby.

Meeting new lifelong friends.

I have built a very successful and full life. I am married, have children and have a lovely home.

Career related

Lots of people found better opportunities for career progression, pay and a good work environment:

I’m in a job I would never have got at home.

I got a job in my desired work area.

Finally getting a job, something that I couldn’t do in Ireland.

Doing well in work.

Getting a good paying job.

Progressing in my chosen career.

Eventually getting a job I love three months after arriving.

Availability of great work opportunities.


New cultures, climates and lifestyle are some of the things people found most positive:

Experience of a new culture, food.

Everybody's energy focused on enjoying the outdoors instead of Irish binge drinking culture.

Learning a new language and culture has been incredibly fulfilling and enriching.

There is more sunshine.

New lifestyle, healthier focus, less stress, minimal commuting for work.

The weather! (Minus Winter of course!) The facilities in Toronto are amazing, from the subway and streetcar services to the free health care. Quality of life is much higher. There is always something to do, and the morale of the people is higher too.

Independence and personal growth

Getting the chance to be more independent and broaden their horizons was another benefit:

Growing up 10 fold, learning 20 times more about myself since I arrived than I would have at home.

Most positive thing since my arrival was heading off farming by myself for three months to get my second year visa. I was so worried that it wouldn't work out. But it did and it was the best experience. Knowing that I could head off and put myself in a different situation by myself and still come out on top was great for me. Huge independence.

It has broadened my mind and caused me to view the world in a different way, particularly challenged my previous views of Ireland.

Becoming fluent in another language.

Living in a different country does broaden your horizons and makes you do things you never thought you would do.

Learning that I can survive on my own but also realising how much I love my family and they me.